Monday, December 29, 2008

Winds are a Blowing

Tonight the winds here at the rustic are howling with such determination. Just waiting to see what will blow down, be it trees or even the power lines. Then we will be in the dark like our amish neighbors. Only thing is to them it is no big deal. While we get upset because there is no TV to watch, music to listen to or video games to play. And of course no computer. But I would just curl up by candle light and read a book. That is one of the many things I enjoy. Last night I couldn't sleep and was up until 4:15 am.
Well the new year is almost here so it is time to start the old exercise routine again. Have started using the stationary bike, next comes the treadmill. This year again I will try and stick it out. But I would rather have nice weather and do these things outside. Oh that is what I get for living in the snow belt!!!
Good night for now, keep on smiling and maybe give someone a hug.

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