Sunday, December 28, 2008

This is Ozzie! He is the baby of the barnyard. Mom says he is a handful, but full of love for all. His brother Oreo will be pictured at a later time. Just wanted to start showing all the critters here at the Ranch. And there are alot of them. They keep Mom busy, and content. She says without her animals and gardens she would be quite bored with life. There have been quite a few strays through the years, we find homes for them all. A few are even lucky and get to live here. I am one of those lucky ones.
I hope everyone out there is braving this winter as we have a long way to go before
spring. Atleast right now here all the snow and ice are gone and you can see grass.. This makes the geese happy as that is a main food source for them besides what Mom feeds them. So far there haven't been too many birds at her feeders which only means winter hasn't gotten bad yet. They still have food out there.
Well time for bed so you all take it easy out there and smile someone may just smile back!

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