Saturday, August 6, 2011

Early summer I was worried as I was not seeing the swarms of hummers as in past years. But since the beginning of July they are here. I have just bought my fourth ten pound bag of sugar. They go through atleast two quarts a day and more if I would fill feeders totally to the top. They drink it so fast it doesn't have a chance to spoil, even in this heat. But in about a month and a half they will be heading south for the winter. I even took a video of them as I was standing right next to the feeder. A few times I could feel the wind from their wings. They are truly a tiny wonder. They love the hostas, and trumpet vines, and petunia but so far haven't seemed to enjoy my jasmine or mandevillia, or butterfly bush. But the butterflies sure do. Rspecially the hummingbird moth/