Monday, June 13, 2011

I know it has been awhile, just haven't felt in the mood... Down in the dumps with life etc. And have been trying to get the outside pulled together, and with all the rain, rain and more rain, it has been rough. But I am almost done with gardens, flowers etc. I am adding some more pictures of my peeps, they are now three months old and you can hardly tell them from "Whitie" the older duck. They grow so fast, but I still am not able to tell if one is a female or not, the other is a male. So "Gertie" my goose is in heaven. She has three white duckies to keep her company. I had hubby bait a large hook and put into the creek. I noticed no one is swimming in the creek, even the honkers are not. They started with six babies and now are down to only one. We have snappers and they need to be caught and gotten rid of. They are under the surface and just grab their little legs and pull them under!!! Pisses me off but payback is a bitch!!!


  1. How cute are they !! And, now I'm looking up what a snapper is ...

  2. Duck, duck GOOSE! Let's play :)

  3. Yikes...So most of the goslings were eaten by these snappers? Wow. You certainly have the "circle of life" happening.

    The chick pics certainly are cute, though!