Monday, June 27, 2011

For all of you who follow my blog you already know that purple and orange are my favorite colors. Well here even the birds and animals; large and small try and do their part. Here is a new born painted turtle who I found off our back deck in the driveway. So tiny yet when I turned him over there was one of my colors "orange". A few days later cutting the la
wn I almost ran over a female painted turtle. she was finishing up laying her eggs. I got off the mower and watch as the leathery eggs dropped into the hole she had dug. She then refilled and tamped down the dirt, and back to the creek she went. So far no eggs have hatched. I need to find out of long they take to hatch. So come on JC and looked it up. Oh and also snappers are snapping turtle, big, ugly, smelly foul tempered creatures.


  1. That baby turtle is fabulous! I've never seen a baby turtle in real life, though I've seen a mother laying her eggs (I live close to a swampy conservation area.)

    Funky nails, too. :-)

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