Sunday, May 1, 2011

The weather here in PA. is playing tricks, one sunny nice day then days of damp cool dreary ones. For April we only had six dry days for the month. And now with it being May they are calling for almost a week of rain again. All the while my seedlings need to go outside but too cold.
The duckies have gotten so big they are in the dog crate. I took it apart and put the two pcs. together. Plus we had to put chicken wire around because they have already gotten out. Not to mention my huskie "java" ( who likes killing things) was standing with his front feet inside the crate at one end and they were at the other. And two days ago the whole crate with duckies went into the heated grain and tack room. They were really stinking up the house, even though their home was cleaned daily. Who knew two duckies were so messy and stinky. As the pictures show they are growing by leaps and bounds.
Yesterday while it was warm I grabbed them up and took them into the stall where Gertie and White are. I made sure to watch because I didn't want them to get beaten-up. Imagine my surprise when they went after the bigger ones. Gertie was so started when the one rushed her she fell over backwards trying to get away. So they can defend themselves lol. Now if the weather warms up they can all come outside, eat grass and swim in the creek.
I was able to find new purple and orange flowers to use on the deck. They are called stock, and smell alittle like phlox., plus I bought a persian shield, and a fushia that has a purple center. I bought a new gazing ball, in a light bright green. george says you can really see it!
With all the rain nothing else one can do but look outside and dream!


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  2. The ducks are just too cute.

  3. Oh those ducklings are adorable!