Saturday, April 2, 2011

I told myself if I ever could find ducklings again at a good price I would buy two. Well I found some and now they are MINE!. Right now they are inside in a cat carrier by the stove. They need warmth, so they sit a fire watch. I need to wait until they are larger to figure out their sex. I also need to come up with names for them, kinda out of the ordinary, but something they will come to when called. I have one named Whitie already. And have used the name Dickie Duck before. so anyone out there who wants to help me name them give it a shot.

They already see me and get all excited, I want them to bond before they go outside, they love cuddling in a towel in my arms and usually go to sleep. And the saying "Likes ducks to water", well it is so true. I had a water container in there, but it was just too small so I put a bowl in and the one just jumped right in. They are only a few days old tool. So guess the saying it true. Then they jump out and run around like crazy so happy.


  1. Suddenly I'm thinking of Easter. :-)

    They're so adorable, just the sweetest little balls of fluff.

    Stupid question, though: When they get their adult feathers, do you let them fly off or remove the flight feathers (or whatever it is that's done to keep ducks from flying off)? Just curious!

  2. Oh my god. I had a pet duck named Sally. Long before I had cats. Yours are so so cute ... take good care of them.

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  4. awwww there so cute, all i could think of in the way of names was Huey and Duey not very original I know lol.
    love and hugs joss xxx

  5. Just stumbled across your blog and love it. The ducklings are just adorable.

  6. I think the darker one is the colour of a dandelion. Ducks are such a great symbol of Easter. I have no idea where I would get a duckling, but it would be called dinner, with the dogs in this house.

  7. Daisy and Trump, if you have a female and male;
    Dunk and Bob, if you have two males;
    Beatrice and Emily, if you have two females.

  8. They look like peeps! How about Peepy Longstocking and Peepy Squeak ;)

  9. Oh wow, congrats on the new additions. They are just adorable! WE hope you have decided on names because to be honest we can't think of any good ones to suggest at the moment!!