Tuesday, February 8, 2011

WHAT a day, we changed from dish to direct tv and man what an ordeal!!! First it is so cold, bitter in fact. A ton of snow and wind. Then the installer was trying all sorts of spots to put the dish, but with all the trees was finding it hard to get a spot. Finally he used one of the 4x4's on our back deck. So it is hooked-up and programed. But hubby gets pissed because he can not control the volume, starts ranting and raving and throwing stuff. I came to the rescue and did all the programing. But since we do not get our local channels we took another tv and a converter box, put these on the upper shelf. I finally got the programed but no color so I fiddled with it and suddenly we have color!!! Through it all he kept bitching we should have stayed with dish. I was like oh we should pay $104.00 instead of with dirct tv $ 35.00. Now I asked you which would you go with? He is never satisfied, do you have one of those in your house? Smile I guess.


  1. We have cable and it costs a LOT. I've heard good things about the dish. Sorry they had to put it on your deck though ...

    Set up for anything is always a disaster ... always.

    Don't know what to tell ya about your h ... they are like that sometimes .. ok, most of the time.

  2. Have I told you how much I love the irises in your header!?!!?

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