Sunday, September 26, 2010

I haven't posted an awhile, enjoying the outdoors before winter hits! My gardens as I have siad before were not that great, but Idid manage to grow a twin red pepper! So I am showing it off. Never have seen this before where two formed off one stem. Sure tasted yummy. Also have cleaning-up all the dead and dying plants. I have saved a number of seeds from plants, even though they did shitty in the garden. I have yellow, green and purple bean seeds, cow pea seeds, green and chocolate pepper, cantelope, iris, lupine cosmos seeds. Also will save yellow, white and red tomatoe, and sweet pea seeds. Then come spring will try and start indoors. Smile


  1. Look at that! I've never seen a twin pepper. LOL. And so healthy! It looks better than a lot of the red peppers I see in our grocery stores.

    BTW, please, please, please, don't mention w-i-n-t-er yet. :-D

  2. Hi Darlene,
    Lovely peppers.
    Please visit my blog and pick up your You Inspire Me Award.

  3. Omg those make me hungry! mmm. They look so good.

  4. nice i wonder how them bellpepper's ended up siamese lol