Thursday, July 22, 2010

So much has happened!!! The most important is my cataract surgery went smoothly. Which surprised even the surgeon, they were expecting problems because of all the prior retinal problems and surgeries. But nope I can see 20/30 with no glasses. Just needed to buy some simple reading glasses so I can see the computer and read. So everyone I see you now. Come Sept. will get the other eye done .
Otherwise we have nothing but shitty luck, first my mower went to get fixed, now his is acting up. Then our microwave died, so we got a new one. Then our septic / toilets were going south. So we had the tank cleaned, but then we heard that the poop truck had an accident jsut a short distance from us. So our poop spilled yuck!!! So when they say "shit happens" it sure does.
It has been really hot and muggy here with 80's being the norm and some 90's/ This year we are having an actual summer. The gardens love it. My tomatoe plants are over five feet and getting close to six foot, a ton of tomatoes just none ripe yet. The pepper plants need to be staked they are getting top heavy too. But the rest of the veggies did shitty. But the flowers are fantastic.. SMILE


  1. That's wonderful news re. your eye surgery! My mom had both eyes done earlier this year and was thrilled with the results also.

    Not such great news re. the poop truck. Gross. LOL.

  2. So the sh*t didn't hit the fan, it hit the road!

  3. Love that colourful creation! And so glad about the surgery! Now you can see all the beautiful flowers!! And you can just close your eyes to the mess on the road!!

  4. So glad to hear about your eye sight. The rest of the yucky stuff not so much. It seems to come in waves sometimes doesn't it ?

    I'd love some of those tomatoes please ...

    Someone told me that our world start out all about 'whether we went or not' and ends up that way too. And, Forrest was right I think !!!

  5. We had a septic tank but I don't remember anything about a poop truck? what is that?