Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring is slowly creeping ahead. So far it has been cooler then usual, but we did have some record breaking days in the 80's... Been busy cleaning the gardens of all the dead plant material, and seeing what is starting to sprout. Lupine, lilies, yarrow, iris, roses, black-eyed susan are all coming up. Buds are in the trees and the dreaded pollen is about. Means itchy, watery eyes. Plus a stuffed-up runny nose. But these I will tolerate just to see green again. Atleast I do not have it as bad as my sister does lol.
Walked the creek today to see what is swimming around, saw a water snake yuck! Some bark eaten twigs, which means beavers (need to keep an eye out) they have a habit of building their dam on our property, which leaves to the creek turning into a lake if we do not tear it out. They are cute but very distructive. Seems every few years they come back and we keep tearing out the dam and they then leave.
I also saw a pelvis, skull and leg boe laying in the creek from some long dead animal. Looked to be either a dog or coyote. Then I saw some trout trying to swim up stream to spawn, a male and female. This means soone the steel head will be heading up stream in our run-off creek. They are huge and draw alot of vehicles stopping and looking. The amish have been known to walk down and watch, guess everyone would just love to catch one. Too bad private property. They head up to the neighbors pond across the street when the creek is high enough, if not there by the road we have a small pool where they must spawn. Oh nature.
With that thought I will say good night and SMILE!


  1. Yes, spring is in the air, and on mom's car, and in her eyes...MOL! That stinks about the beavers flooding you out. Trout season opens here this weekend and our dad is an avid fisherman, and usually fishes with catch and release, but sometimes, he'll bring a fishie home for us, cook it on the grill, FOR US! We really hope he does that his Saturday!

  2. I can now imagine what your place is like. A creek with a pond ... wow. We have a creek beyond our fence. My place is surrounded by woods and a small creek is just down the hill and flows behind my fence. We can here the frogs or crickets ... we think frogs ... it goes on for weeks. We had a sunny day last weekend .. 60's. Cold if not in the sun though. So, only a bit of raking of the leaves was done. I remember at our lake place ... my parents ... if I went for a long walk I would come to this place that had a beaver dam. I thought it was amazing what they did. Pets the Purr & Fur Gang for me

    ~ JC ~

  3. hear not here ... more coffee needed

  4. Hi there....sounds like you've been as busy as a beaver too!