Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thoughts of spring are starting to show their weary heads! Atleast we are having sunshine, with little or no "SNOW" for change. I have found a new flower I plan to have a few of the primrose. Sort of like when last year I decided to try dahlias. Oh my goodness I love them. Can not wait to find more in the colors I love. And if you do not know what those colors are well purple and orange lol!

Again we moved around furniture in rooms, pictures were changed and knick-knacks put away. Do this every few years, tired of falling into a rut. Hub is like why are you doing this. Duh I want change!!!!!!!!!!! Plus he does all the dusting (I don't because it makes me sneeze) and he bitches about all the stuff he has to dust. So I thought I was doing him a favor by putting things away. They are never happy.
Well almost chore time, atleast it is staying light later and I can go out later each day. Just means changing the time we eat until later too. Smile


  1. I saw some at Giant Eagle in yellow with pink was so pretty. I have several primerose planted in the perennial bed; one is orange and another is a deep blue that hints of purple. Haven't seen a true purple though. Primrose come back every year too.

  2. I like primroses too.
    Men are funny aren't they ...
    I just wish my H would do something in the cleaning department ... anything actually !!!