Saturday, February 27, 2010

Think Spring!!!!!!!!!!!! This rose of sharon is one I took from hubby's mom's house, it was the only one that took, but it is huge. I look at it and remember my mother-in-law who is now passed on.


  1. That's absolutely lovely. I will think Spring. Spring, Spring, Spring, Spring. :-)

  2. Love the name ... Rose was my Mother's name. Rose Mary actually but Rose was what my kids and everyone called her.

    Spring is trying to arrive. I have some lone daffs that are coming back. My yard eats them up .. probably the wooded creatures .. and I did not replant this year.

    I might have to cheat and put some pots in the ground to make it look like I am a nifty swifty gardening Cat Lady.

  3. lovely petals - so ruffled and what a colour. Helen