Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My lilies from last summer, yummmm they smelled so sweet, can't wait to smell them again.
Still bitter cold here in the North East. Just doesn't want to let go, so not much to do outside. Other then the daily chores of feeding, watering and cleaning stalls. Hauling water in five gallon buckets sucks too! So we moved things around in another room. This time it was the mudroom/ kitty room, plus where the upright freezer is. So that was changed. Next is fixing a moisture problem we have on the sun porch off our bedroom. The carpet and padding are getting wet, and we don't know how. It is coming up from underneath, even though we have treated lumber down and then linoleum underneath. So we found this flooring we are going to try out. Has a backing of hard plactic with ridges, acts as a vapor barrier. We will pull up carpet and padding and linoleum, put this down and put the linoleum back. Carpet needs to be cleaned and dried in the sun light, so it will go into my shed for a few months. God I hate the winter months!!!!


  1. We hope things get easier for you. Our mom has grown tired of shovelling out of these huge snowfalls here in the nation's capitol. She is ready for spring too.

  2. Yep, it was pretty there for, Old Man Winter is plain old man!