Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just am so sick of winter, I went through my photos and pulled some flower ones to add to my posts. Because outside is nothing but "you guessed it - SNOW". Here is yarrow, which is easy to grow, drought resistant too. So I put some into pots for the deck instead of just the gardens.

Have gone through some catalogs and have my list ready, sort of. Hubby gave the OK too. But first I will start buying seeds at the store. I read an article that this year there will be a seed sortage here in the U.S. This is due to the wet weather last year, and the fact that we are sending more seeds to Europe. So they will have plenty while we here at home do not. What is wrong with that picture! Again we take care of everyone everywhere else but here at home.
So sorry I vented but enough already!!!
So far inside my geraniums are slow to bloom, but my star jasmine as produced a few blossoms, only need a few to scent a room, and as it is right next to my computer I get it full on. Sent hub out yesterday shopping and told him to stop back at Home Depot to get a few more primrose. All gone! So I hope they will get more in, as these maybe my new flower for the deck this year.


  1. I went through my catalog during the Superbowl. Sent off for my seeds on Monday. Here's hoping I get everything I ordered.