Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well after some thought here are the five people and their blogs that I am giving this award. Just copy to pictures them put into your blog.
1. To JC at Lilacs & Cats - http://jcatmom.blogspot.com She gives alot of love to animals, and those in need at shelters. You deserve this.
2. Marley,Reggie and Me. http://marleyreggieandme.blogspot.com Just because of those darling kitties.
3. Muddy Boots Acres - Heather - http://www.homesteadblogger.com/pinehaven/ Heather because she devotes her time and love to her church, volunteer at the local library, helps others.
4. Pop and Ice - http://popandice.blogspot.com I give this to you for your giving of love to your family. You are selfless, and now it is your turn.
5. Webster - halt stop forget relax - http://hsfr.blogspot.com
You all are deserving because of your love, and what you do for others.

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  1. Thank You ... so nice of you to think of me !!!