Monday, January 11, 2010

Thanks to everyone who says my boys look good. Without them I would be lost. There is nothing better even in the dead of Winter, when it is minus 0 windchills then being inside the barn at feeding time. There is something about standing there with one of the boys and leaning against their side and listening to them enjoying their grain, or hay. The chewing sound and contented sighs just moves right through me. For anyone who can not understand you must never have had a horse. I guess it is a young girl's thing, dreaming of having a horse someday. Took me until adult-hood to realize this dream. In my youth I was content pretending, playing Barbies, who had horses, one of which I still have. A golden palamino, packed away along with Barbie. In my teens my friend had a horse which we rode together. My Dad wouldn't let me have one, said he didn't want the mess or smell. But he rode and used a neighbor's horse. So I waited until my late 20's to get my first horse. His name was "Gopher" a ex-race horse, thoroughbred. My big buddy, then I was lucky enough to get his sister, "Sugar Pie" She was my sweet, trail horse, who I rode everywhere. We put many miles on the trail together. Then we got "Hickory" a appy that would let anyone ride him, and go anywhere and through everything. Sadly I lost all three within a short time of each other. So I was heart broken and went in search of another horse. Along came "Oreo" he is the black and white appy in the photos. And since he needed a buddy I found him "Ozzie" my quarter horse. I know one day chores and old age will catch-up with me and sadly will have no more horses, but for now I just love nuzzling their noses and having them breathe their warm, sweet breath on me Smile.

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  1. How can two sisters be so different?...I prefer cats, you can't fall off a cat ;) Ha ha.