Sunday, January 10, 2010

George's snow shovel waiting patiently to resume the chore of removing snow!!! I swear hub has OCD when it comes to snow, and cutting his grass! So I think I should get the shovel bronzed in his honor, plus then he couldn't shovel and would fret "oh my what ever shall I do to remove all this snow" duh a snow blower perhaps! He just can not stand paths or especially his driveway being snow covered. I tell him CHILL, it will melt come spring. So I took this picture then played around on picnik and made it alittle different. I like the second one better, not all the WHITE!! I always felt snow should come down in colors, make the cold of winter alittle more tolerable.


  1. In the second picture it looks like the desert, all sandy. Definitely looks warmer.

  2. I like the first picture. I come from an area that doesn't get much snow, so I never get tired of it. I love its pristine quietude, and the ever present distant laughter of children during the day.

    I think the second picture looks like dirty snow. Yuk!