Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mine pretend Siamese kitties, go along with my two live Meezers. My Steiff meezer on the left is a smaller version of Noll's Nip's one. I bought them for us way back in 1972, when my Dad, brother and myself went to Germany. Right before the 72 olympics. We were able to see the stadium etc, before the crowds. The tall meezer my hub got for me. I told him it had a demented look in his eyes. It is made from goat hair/fur. I also have a unicorn made the same way, will have to snap a pic of it. Smile I HATE DIAL-UP SO SLOW TO DOWNLOAD!!!!!


  1. Those are some freakish looking siamese wanna-bees that a real Siamese would shred in a minute!

  2. Those Siamese look a little wild!!! Cute though!