Friday, December 11, 2009

Living in the country is usually quiet, but today was anything but. First we had alot of snow, blowing snow and cold temps. So needless to say roads were crappy, and were not plowed until later in the day. Then I was getting phone calls telling me the place just down the road was on fire ( above pic ) So along with the shit weather etc a neighbor's house is burning. We heard the fire trucks coming, but by this time it is pretty far along. Well wouldn't you know at our end of the road two fire trucks go into the ditch. And coming from the other way more vehicles are ending up in the ditches. So here come four firemen walking down the road towards the burning house. Well it is atleast 3,000 feet from where I live to this house, now what are they going to do once they get there. They have no gear with them, well if you look in the picture they are standing there. So pretty much it was full blown by the time any trucks managed to get there.
Only good thing was the owners were not home, they were in N.Y. And were on their way home, but I-90 was closed from Erie, PA to N.Y. so I doubt they even got home. Sad thing is they help out in disasters, clean-ups etc. Now they will need help. But atleast they can stay at their daughter's place across the street from them.
I called my sister and told her the place next to her land burned down, she couldn't believe it either.
And tomorrow the temps are warming and they are calling for rain, then back into snow, we will firt be floating around here, mud everywhere then back into the cold. Here I thought this winter would be milder, ha it just was laying in wait and now has hit us with gusto. Atleast Otc. and Nov. came and went without any snow. So now we only have until April to deal with this crap!!!


  1. That is horrible !!!
    Do you know what caused the fire ?

    So glad it wasn't you ...

    Thanks for the email. I will answer you later ..

  2. I just showed Mom and Bob that photo. It is just awful! It was such a sweet little Amish house. I remember how cozy it was on the inside.

  3. That's a terrible fire, and looks frightening as heck. Glad you and the animals are all okay and no one was apparently hurt, other than vehicles going into ditches.

  4. That is some on sight picture! Hmmm.......