Monday, December 7, 2009

Hard to believe just two months ago this is how things looked on our deck! Now we are huddled inside, the wood stove is roaring, we look outside and complain when it comes to doing chores outside. Wood has to be hauled to the house, kitties and birds need to be fed, and the horse need fed, watered and their stalls cleaned, and the feeders for the little birds need filled, plus suet and suet cakes , fun.................

Hubby says if I hate doing these things get rid of the horses, and birds then the only thing to do is feed the kitties, and clean their boxes. I say then we would just veg all day and get even FATTER!

Besides I am telling myself next spring I will start riding again, have been alittle scared since last august when I was bucked off and hit my head on the dirt road, that hurt, don't want a repeat of that. these old bones don't want to break.

Now look at how the deck looks UGH.


  1. Ok, I had to figure out that last line ...
    I think it's great that you have .. land. I wish I did. I grew up taking care of my Dad's horses. He rented pasture for them. I always wanted a ranch sort of place .. I still wish that is where I could live.

    If it weren't for my cats & dogs, I'd veg out too much too.

    Your snow is very pretty ... cold though ... I'm sure.

    We have 12 degrees out but no moisture so no snow.

  2. I think your deck and backyard look beautiful! I am so longing for snow as we haven't had any yet in SouthEast Michigan. I envy you you're snow!