Sunday, November 22, 2009

On such a beautiful fall day, hard to believe it soon will come to an end. They are saying the dreaded word SNOW! for Thanksgiving. Living here in the snowbelt of western PA. it was only a matter of time. It is possible that we may have a mild winter but I never count on that. Even though one year on New Years Day we were out horseback riding in temps around 70!!!
I walked around the property, was a nice change wearing tennis shoes instead of barn boots. How I hate those boots. Things were calm, sun was shining, birds were singing, only down side was the sound of occational gun fire. Which being Sunday you would think you wouldn't hear, since it is a day of no hunting.
But look-out the Mon. afther Thanksgiving, the woods will be FULL of hunters, and I would say half or not too bright to be carrying a gun. On that day you stay inside, keep animals in, horses in their stalls. Because hard as it is to believe one year a very drunk hunter was sighting my horse "Gopher" was going to shoot him. Hubby went over to him showed him the posted sign he had just walked past, and the fence he just walked through! Said to him you know you are sighting my horse, he claimed with certainty - No that is a big deer! Well he left in a huff. Drove by a few times with a bunch of other hunters, all too were drunk. So now we take no chances.
Smile, these warm sunny days will soon be ending!

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