Monday, November 9, 2009

Indian Summer you just gotta love it. We have managed to get the leave off the grass, George helped my cleaned up the front two gardens by the house, and he even cut grass today. I finished the cleaning of the side garden and one small one by the wood shed. So more or less we have managed to get things done before the snow flies. And they say the rest of the week will be mild, with only a slight chance tomorrow so we should be able to get the backyard free of leaves. I may also cut the grass in the dog pen one more time with the push mower. I am reading alot, and even working on some puzzle. The last one I finished again is missing a piece, I think kitties are messing with my mind and taking them!!! Smile


  1. We've been enjoying the beautiful weather here too, when the human is not at work. The leafing still needs to be done. Sometimes we cats will be clever in how we mess with you heheh.

  2. We have leaves all over the yard.
    I'll try to get my son to get out the mower this weekend ... if it's dry enough.
    Been raining a LOT.
    (My H is gone for two weeks & he usually does the leaves for me)