Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wow summer is entering it's last week, which means fall is knocking at our doors! So I have been doing as much outside work as this old body will allow. Today I dug-up and repotted some geraniums, which I over winter. I haven't bought any in year. I have brought them up onto the deck where they can destress before coming in. Hopefully this will not be until atleast the middle of Oct. We shall see, I don't count on it seeing as this whole year has been crappy.

Here are a few pictures of the gizzie! Here he is just relaxing, the other one is of Stuey claiming him as his own!


  1. I thought Stuey just wanted a pillow.

  2. My goodness Stuey has virtually flattened Gizzie! Oh, Gizzie looks like he recovered though.