Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We saw this little guy on our local humane society site. We have checked on him for about three weeks and today was the day we went and looked at him. We had to add him to our household, because he looks like our Gizmo that we lost one year ago. So home he came, Kia is excepting him but Stuey and Simba aren't too sure. So he is out and runs around then back into the dog crate until we know everyone is fine. Especially the two dogs he hissed up a storm at them, and he is only 13 weeks old lol. My Mom said "Just what you need another animal, you will have your hands full!"=^..^=


  1. He is so CUTE
    My first kitten was all black. His Mom was Siamese. He sang & was named Satchmo.

    My 2nd black cat was a tuxedo ... with white paws and chest. His name was Maxwell Freeman. H eas very fancy. He mewed a lot too. Had a sort of short tail.

    May your new baby mix in well ... soon. I had Riley in the den .. it has a glass door. The four other cats .. we had Lilly Ann when I got him ... they hissed at him through the door.

    Now, they are all friends. Well, not Jasmine but most of the time everyone gets along.

  2. He is absolutely ADORABLE! I can definitely see why you had to add him to your family! It took a bit for my animals to accept Midnight but we kept her in a kennel in the living room and eventually started letting her out around the poodles and other cat. They all seemed to accept her fairly quickly.

  3. Too Cute! A Halloween kitty. Okay, I'm pushing it a little - but just imagine him in seven weeks! Me-lol-ow.

  4. He is a "little stinker!" Literally! I picked him up three times and three times I released the gas cloud! ;)

  5. still down a dozen or so....Looks like my Charlotte did with the poof of white on his chest.