Monday, September 28, 2009

The last tree days I have busted my butt and back moving indoors about 70% of the plants. But today we are having rain and high winds so my back gets a break. We took down the awning over the deck, wouldn't want it to blow away! Packed up all the garden knick-knacks, candles and gazing balls. Tomorrow if the weather is nice enough I will try and dig-up my five geraniums, to bring them inside. What ever winters for me I won't have to buy in the spring. Which I am afraid is soooooooooooooo far away. With this high winds with gusts upto 50 mph. the leaves in the trees will not have a chance to turn. And I was hoping for a colorful Fall! Well like everyone says there is always next year. SMILE


  1. We've had nice Fall days but today it's windy and rain is on it's way. I don't have any plants to bring in ..

    Your header photo is PURRfect !!!

  2. Look at that little Gizmo. He emits bliss (and tinkies...ha ha). I hope to see you next week.