Sunday, August 30, 2009

Today George is doing alittle better, still in pain but pills are helping. As for myself all the stress of the past week finally came to a head quite literally. A migraine has struck, but still managed to do horses, kitties, dogs, and make a big roaster of stuffed peppers. My Mom help with the prep of dinner.

And of courses we had crappy weather, cold, wet, and windy, felt like Fall knocking at the door. Almost was thinking of starting a fire in the stove, but felt we could tough it out!!!

Atleast some bright spots still exists on my deck and gardens. But I feel not for too much longer. I have noticed the trees are starting to get some color and some have even lost some leaves. Seems the older we get the warm season just rushes by and the colder months drag on and on. Oh well Smile!

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  1. The last couple of days, there is a chill in the morning. Some of my leaves are already falling. It feels like Fall is coming ...