Monday, August 3, 2009

Here are a few shots of a really unique moth. I know it as the hummingbird moth, JC. probably knows its technical name. It moves just as it's name implies, first time I spotted one I actually thought it was a tiny hummingbird. You can even hear it's wings beating if you are lucky enough and it is quiet enough. It is working on my butterfly bush, I had first seem a swallowtail but by the time I had camera in hand and was outside it was gone only to be replaced by this moth. :-)


  1. I saw one of those once feeding on the hanging petunias on my front porch. I thought it was a real hummingbird at first too. They are very special!

  2. We had a hummingbird moth like this who visited one particular container garden at the same time daily. It was uncanny. And huge!

    This is the layout that I used when I first began my blog, in 2007. I remember it well.
    Beautiful photos of those flowers above, too.