Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today is humid, rainy, a day to relax. So as you can see this is what hubby is doing lol. Would be pissed that I posted this, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him. You will NEVER see my photo on this, I hate the way I photograph. Plus he doesn't know how to use a camera.

The other day I had some friends from Cleveland here and they used the toilet in in-law suite. I forgot that the thing runs sometimes if you don't jiggle the handle. Well three plus hours later sitting down for our lunch I went to wash me hands - NO WATER! So hubby paniced and then got pissed. So we got a hold of our amish plumber, and he came out. Well luckly it only ran dry and we had grey water for a few days. Luckly the pump didn't burn up. So that toilet is shut off till it gets fixed.

There is always something happening here, and usually never good. The galys were like what do you do with no water, I am like we do what the amish do, haul buckets to use. But we are use to things happening, so I for one don't sweat it. So I am glad for the rain today. Hey atleast we have no water and sewer bills. SMILE


  1. Want some unsolicited advice? SURE YOU DO, that's why we blog. For future guests, put a sign on the toilet (nicely lettered and in a frame if you must) telling them they MUST jiggle the handle to prevent the toilet from running and the well will run dry. If they know they might not have a nice shower or good coffee the next day, they will heed your message. I am on city water, so I don't have this worry - of the pump burning up!

  2. Hmmm....let's see...."Blackmail, I think they call it..."

    You make me a big pot of homemade chicken-noodle dumpling soup and the big guy never finds out about the photo :)