Friday, July 31, 2009

My stepmom who is more like an older sister, and my surrogate uncle Glenn came out for a visit. The last time they managed to come out Dad was still alive and they brought him out. This was 12 yrs ago, times flies. They said we had really changed the homestead and loved the flowers, couldn't get over all the hummers at the feeders. We had a nice visit and I made burgers on the grill, even though again we had ALL day rain! By the time they were leaving which was after six the sunshine appeared. They said they had it all the way back to Westlake, Ohio. Figures you make plans and we have rain, but then again a dry day is the abnormal day.

They managed to walk around the place with an umbrella and alot of squishy wet feet. But more or less we sat on the deck under cover and watched the rain come down. Atleast I do not need to water the gardens, just a few on the house plants under the awning.

On another note I wish my Sis good luck, today was her last day at her job, another one lost to the times. She worked her butt off for 20 years only to lose her job. So now she joins the rank and file looking for another job. I say screw it all and move here, build your cabin in the woods and write your poetry and blogs and maybe a book or two.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your sister's job loss. My gosh, 20 years and then all gone. People are going through such stressful times...sigh.