Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finally more of my hibiscus are starting to bloom. They got set back first from being repotted, then sunburned, then a cold spell. This summer has been more spring-like thus far. We have even had a fire in the stove the past few nights. As long as summer lasts longer then usual, and we get some warm weather, otherwise I think my veggie gardens will be a bust.


  1. I was just saying to mom this morning that, instead of warm, soupy weather (even at night), we've had cooler, drier weather. The tomatoes are waiting for hot house conditions. The zukes are exploding though and the green beans are coming on.

  2. This summer has been downright cold. If it weren't for my allergies, I'd have the windows open every night. Even without the windows open and no AC running, we're all huddled under our comforters. I'm assuming August is going to be punishing just so we don't get too comfortable with our sweaters and sweatshirts.