Friday, July 3, 2009

Finally I have managed somewhat to capture the Great Heron! He is so alert that whenever I try sneaking up to snap a picture he is off into the sky. So this was taken while he walked in the horses pasture, and I was standing on the deck. Managed two shots but then I tried walking down the steps and off he went. So I blew-up the photos.


  1. Oh, he seems like he's taking a casual walk through the pasture. Beautiful! Thank you.

  2. Good job! Lucky you! This great bird flew low over the top of the house early this last week and I spotted it while I was drinking my coffee. It landed out on a branch near the propane tank. Could hardly support him. Tried getting a picture too. First through the window with zoom to no avail, then tried sneaking out the front door like you. But I was unlucky in captureing the moment.