Monday, June 29, 2009

These are my favorite lilies, their fragrance is such a sweet one that waifs through the air. I wish the scent could be bottled. Just like my little sis (NollsNip) I have quite a variety of both asiatic and day lilys. Today we finished cutting with riding lawnmowers our horses pasture. Took us two days seven hours each but we got it done. We will do anything to save money even beat our bodies up bouncing over the ruts. Looks really nice though and with rain coming for the next four days it will green up nicely. Ozzie & Oroe followed us around just eating the cut grass. They must think hey we don't have to pull up grass - Mom & Dad will do it for us =^..^= SMILE

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  1. Very pretty...are these by the deck or front? Can't you see my lily parade on Gardening in the Zone?