Friday, June 26, 2009

See how Stuey is just laying around, doesn't look guilty at all. But don't let looks fool you, he is evil through and through! But so cuddly on the outside. Pop & Ice he loves to destroy everything, from papers, flowers, books ,pieces of wood, you name it he destroys it. Evil like Stuey from Family Guy ( his namesake) =^..^=

Doesn't look like the tiny kitten in the profile pic does he!!! A big boy now.


  1. My God! How much does that cat weigh and what do you feed him?!!! He should have no time to destroy anything as he looks like he's constantly at the feed bag!

  2. Baby Riley, who is two now, he gets into everything.

    Ashton, who looks small like Stuey, is now a big big boy.

    They both play together and cause all sorts of trouble.

    Course with four, there is always someone doing something that I'm yelling at them for ...

  3. Are you feeding him your homemade chicken-noodle-dumpling soup?

    P.S. I made a new blog and used one of your counted cross stitches in a post -

  4. Stuey, you gotta get youz momma ta bloggy fur youz more. We fink youz must has a lot ta say!