Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another one of my cross-stitches. This one had a painted background that you then stitched over. One of the harder ones I did.

What-to-do-What-to-do? I am not used to relaxing this much, maybe I will read after posting, as hub. is watching Indians baseball. I need to get outside and check out veggie garden to see if the second planting of corn has come up!! This fall that new stretch of garden will need manure and lime to bring it up to par. Only hope that this year it will produce. I find it hard to believe that we used to have a garden 15' x 100', oh for the younger days. We used to grow almost every type of veggie, but have really downsized. Maybe next year will attempt an even larger one then this year, just need a jump on it this fall.

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  1. Well, you seem pretty industrious to me! I feel absolutely lazy in the face of all the stuff you do around the Rustic Ranch. I just rustle teenagers off to activities or wherever they need to be...