Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today was a rainy, windy day, not much to do. So I figured I would blog. Here is a photo of a honeysuckle bush, it is along the creek and has been here for atleast 20 years. The fragrance it emits reminds me of watermelon! Wow you should hear the bees abuzzing around it. Glad to see the honey bees making a come back.

Isn't this a huge bush full of sweet smelling flowers!


  1. Very pretty. I can imagine how sweet they smell and the sound of the bees! P.S., had two hummingbirds at the two feeders...finally!

  2. I need to come down and stroll around my place to tell me what kind of goodies I have missed. I bet I named a lot of good stuff "weeds" and away they went!