Monday, May 4, 2009

Finally they are holding still long enough for me to snap a picture!!!! Next will capture the hummers as they feed. My friend down the road stopped by and she even took a photo of the oriole. Just love right when it is just starting to become dawn and they are outside just singing their hearts out.
On another note, Heather you really started something with your home-baked bread, George wants more!!! And not from me but from you lol. Said it didn't even taste yeasty like some breads do. Was gone in two days, and yes I had two slices yummy. So guess we need to come up with how much you would charge for a loaf of fresh bread, whenever you bake up your batches. Have you tried out your pot yet? Remeber if you don't want it anymore I will take it back, I have just the plant to go into it. SMILE!

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