Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This picture is one that signals new beginnings, SPRING! I am so glad we are finally in March. Except Winter just sucked us right back with mind chilling temps, and biting winds. Tomorrow though starts a warm-up. While out and about we have seen the sap buckets out another good sign. Also flocks of grackle, blackbirds and starlings. Soon the buzzards should arrive. Have already seen the robins, looking quite cold.
I will be so glad when the windows can be opened for fresh air, I like the smell of the stove but enough already, I want fresh. I am sure everyone out there have had enough of this long hard winter, and are anxious fpr the sun on their faces. Well smile it isn't too far off!!!!!

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  1. Ah, when the buzzards return to Hinkley...that is INDEED a sure sign of spring for you Northerners! This time of year, as I drive along the Olentangy River, I search the tops of the tall sycamores for buzzards. Then, I know I will soon hear the song of the redwing blackbird; my true harbinger of spring.