Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wow what a fruitful day today! Spent a few hours outside first picking up a winter's worth of dog poopies! Then started moving a winter's worth of hay and horse manure!!! Talk about being tired tonight, funny though the piles of manure look like nothing has been taken from them. But still had the umph to get on the stationary bike and pedal for a half hour. Now I am relaxing. Still doctoring Ozzie's leg, had to wash and scrub it today to get the mud off it. Wasn't a happy camper, hubby had to hold him, but afterwards he was his sweet self again. This will be another slow wound to heal I am afraid. Time will tell. Well they are calling for high winds tonight up to 55 -60 mph. And maybe power outage. Then it is back into winter for atleast the next week, with normal temps and snow. Atleast most of the snow and ice have melted away, today was watching and listening to the ice on the creek breaking up. Was really making alot of noise, even one of my cats was sitting and watching. Hope everyone out there is doing well, keep smiling.

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