Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This is my precious "KIA" she is the old gal of the house at 9 yrs. young. And she is a true siamese, such a pain in the butt, but we love her anyway. She was one of our adopted ones from pet smart/humane society. I have a thing for siamese and huskies because of the blue eyes. They look at you and you get lost in them. I just need to figure out on my camera the red eye thing.
Today and the past two we have had what you would call a break in the weather, snow has melted alittle and creatures are venturing out. I have also noticed that the trees are getting color in the buds and branches even though we still have six more weeks of winter. Doesn't mean we need any more snow as we are currently at number 5 for the snowest season in erie, pa. One can only hope for a break from this long winter but I kinda doubt it.
So everyone hang in there I think we are over the hump, and spring will get here in six more weeks lol.

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  1. The weatherman is calling for 62 degrees on 2/11. Woohoo!