Monday, January 12, 2009

Was looking at my sister's blog and saw where she talked about growing corn. This reminded me of this past summer when Ken told me his mom had trouble with her corn. So I am going to give some tips on growing a bumber crop of corn. First you need to lime the soil before tilling [this sweetens the soil]. Next when planting rows the more the better, doesn't matter of they are long or short rows, just need more then four to pollinate. When putting in the seeds put in two per spot. An old time gardener told me this is so one kernel is for you and one is for the birds, grubs. Next sprinkle in alittle fertilizer. Run your rows the same direction as your winds come from the most, here that would be from west to east. This helps so the rows don't blow over. Now when your plants are about knee high fertilzer again. Then when they start to tassle give them a heavy dose of fertilizer again. And when your crop comes in remember me! Happy eating.

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