Thursday, January 1, 2009

A true animal lover

Today I want to tell you about a special lady, neighbor and friend. She is someone after may own heart. She too loves all animals large and small, and takes them all in. Right now at my last count she has 15 cat-kittens. All of which she has spayed and neutered. When the weather turn cold she found two more strays trying to find a warm spot/home. One was already neutered, but apparently made homeless, which found a warm spot in her home. The other one was one who had been shot at, and ended up losing an eye, he too wanted a warm home. I think he has found it with her, and more then likely will be neutered also. She also has adopted two dogs from local shelters and her husband brought home one found wondering down the road, he too was adopted by them. This is also besides the chickens, rabbits, goats and three horses they have. Quite a full house but always with room for one more. She has passed this love for animals along to her children, especially her youngest, who would take in alot more if allowed. I see in my friend a person after my own heart, that all animals large or small deserve a chance. She is truly one of a kind.


  1. Now, who could this be? At first reading, I thought, "this must be one crazy lady!" and on a second thought, I think I am right.

  2. She is not crazy at all. If she is my family is also crazy too then. We save any critter that God sends our way. I have had orphaned goats, orphaned farm pigs running around in diapers and onesies in my home. We have over 70 animals at this time and 90% of them are rescues. I think it is great to give animals a home, a chance even if it is not for long. 2 horses we saved were left in a 30 by 12 stall for 3 years with no care or poop picked up! They both came to live on our ranch/farm/zoo. They both were free to run on 2.5 acres, they got to be a horse.
    Who is crazy people who get animals and do not care for them or people who save them??

  3. She is awesome!! She has been a good friend of mine for almost 20 years! Man, has it been that long! She rocks!!