Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Today winter is returning to the ranch! Calling for alittle of everything then lake effect snow. This winter has been an up and down one. Like it better then when it arrives, turns bitter cold and doesn't leave until May. So far we have very little snow on the ground, which hopefully means come thaw we won't get alot of flooding, and mud everywhere.
We are acquiring more and more canadian geese, looking for open water, which we have in the form of two creeks. So along with the open grass they are happy here. My goose and duck are tucked away in the barn, she is 24 years old and doesn't like the cold too much anymore.
With the new year comes the time to exercise, so riding the stationary bike and walking the treadmill. Saw my neighbor walking with her daughter but brr too cold for these old bones doing it outside. I like the warmth and comfort of watching TV! Plus those dreaded potty breaks are easier lol.
Well everyone out there stay warm, healthy and happy, don't forget to smile.


  1. Hmmm...the snow belt. Sounds like the perfect place to retire to :)

  2. That was a sporatic thing! Come and join me when the weather breaks. It can be safer on the ground rather than mounted on a horse. :o)