Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This is Zero, he is Java's dog. Java is my siberian husky, who didn't have a playmate, other then the cats. So I found a rescue site and adopted Zero. My husband says it is pretty good when a dog has his own dog. Well tonight we are heading into the deep freeze and instead of sleeping on their enclosed front porch on a couch I will try and get them to sleep inside. More then likely Java will pace through the house once the lights go out and keep putting his nose into my face until I let him out. They prefer the porch which gives them the option to go outside into their pen. Which by the way is a 30' x 50' pen. With a six foot high chain link fence, because they are know to go over anything less.. Sibes are excape artists, and once loose will run till they can't run anymore. They are not ones to keep to their own property. They are high energy and maintenance. They never stop blowing their fur, which anyone who has ever owned one knows all too well. Well everyone have a good one and stay warm, I know we will try!!!!
Made a apple pie for the hubby, and have a roasting chicken in the oven. Tomorrow will make chicken soup, [no dumplings though sis!]


  1. Mm, sounds delicious! I may have to make a trip up there!
    PS-Husky's are the best, EVER!

  2. You tease me without mercy! I'm sending the Matzo Ball Fairy after you!