Friday, January 23, 2009

Pileated Woodpecker

Today we found this hole in our maple tree. It is ten feet off the gournd and seven inches high. I looked through my birdbook and discovered that it was made by the pileated woodpecker. He is the largest of the species, and we have seen him up by the trees. I am hoping he will turn it into a nest, but when I was reading about them it said they made these holes looking for carpenter ants. Guess they are top on their list of foods. Which means if that is the case the tree is infected and will become firewood! And I will need to plant something in it's place.
We are having two days of a January thaw, but then right back into the deep freeze. Too bad no snow melt, and they say we could get some rain/snow mix.
Today we have to go pick up our dog Java from the vets. He had surgery on his front paw to remove a growth. So I will be playing nurse for awhile. They are saying make sure he doesn't lick it. Right!!! He will be on the groggy side, because hubby doesn't want him staying over another night, so if need be we will bring in his crate, just going outside will be alittle hard lol. And we know who will be taking him out, that's right ME! As long as it heals without any problems I will be glad.
So on that note I close to go pick him up, smile!


  1. Give Java a hug and a pupcorn from me :)

  2. Hey, is that woodpecker still working on this hole? If so, any sign of nesting?