Saturday, January 17, 2009


All I can say is enough already with these below zero temps..... And with the wind chills it is closer to -20. I mean we aren't living in the Artic now are we? Today doing going out to the barn and doing chores was sooooooooooo hard. Just didn't want to do it, but when you have animals out you must go. Everything is now heaving too, which makes opening the stall doors abit of a challenge.
Tomorrow they say we are warming up to around lower 20's, see what you are missing Cath!! If you want I will send this weather down to you, and you can send yours to me. What we wouldn't give for those temps.
Have been riding the stationary bike, doing anywhere from 9 to 18 miles a day, just tough when you don't go anywhere, lol. But atleast it is burning those dreaded calories. Which I have plenty of.
Hope warmer days are on the horizon, everyone try and stay warm! Smile!

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